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Whānau and friends

Having the support of your whānau and friends is really important as you manage the different demands of parenting. Hopefully these resources will help to strengthen your relationships so you're well supported.


Image for The bully blockers :


The bully blockers :

"Tells the story of a boy who witnesses a classmate with autism being bullied and how he decides to get involved. Shows that one child can make a difference when he has the courage to stand up for...

Image for Teasing isn't funny :


Teasing isn't funny :

"Sensitive, narrative text from illustrated animal characters shows readers what emotional bullying is and provides possible solutions to stop it"--

Image for Stop bullying by taking charge of safety :


Stop bullying by taking charge of safety :

"In this book, you will find lessons with explanations, stories, skill practice coaching guides, and Kidpower Safety Signals about: noticing when bullying is happening, what you can do to prevent ...

Image for Personal Space Camp /


Personal Space Camp /

Although Louis knows a lot about outer space, the young boy finds himself sent to Principal Goodkid's office to attend Personal Space Camp after his teacher loses her patience with his behavior.

Image for Perfect targets :


Perfect targets :

“Perfect Targets provides helpful guidelines for administrators, teachers and parents. The tools are specifically designed/adapted for the challenges faced by students with AS. One of my favourites...

Image for Ouch! moments :


Ouch! moments :

"Explains 'ouch moments' in kid-friendly terms, offers practical strategies for what kids can do to help, and empowers kids to stand up to mean and hurtful language." - BOOK JACKET

Image for On the internet :


On the internet :

On the Internet: Our First Talk About Online Safety introduces children to the basics of online safety in a story-based, conversational style. Using real-world examples set within the context of a...

Image for No more victims :


No more victims :

"The digital world offers a wonderful way to communicate and socialize with others. Yet, it is also rife with the dangers of being victimized emotionally, physically and financially. Trusting...

Image for Kidpower safety comics :


Kidpower safety comics :

"In this book you will find: Directions for adults on how to introduce "People Safety" to chilren ages 3 - 10. - Engaging social stories that teach children how to make safer choices and get help...

Image for Kidpower safety comics :


Kidpower safety comics :

Even if your kids are not big yet, they have big powers. Mouth Closed Power. Stop Power. Walk Away Power. From 'The Trash Can For Hurting Words' to 'The Keep Telling Until You Get Help Story', this...

Image for Emily is being bullied, what can she do? :


Emily is being bullied, what can she do? :

Meet Emily. She is being bullied by a group of children at school. She describes how this makes her feel, think and act. Eventually, she finds ways to help herself and also realises that she can...

Image for Easing the teasing :


Easing the teasing :

Teaches children and parents how to effectively deal with teasing and develop life-long coping skills. Provides strategies that give children the confidence and self-esteem they need to put an end...

Image for Cyberbullying :


Cyberbullying :

"Children and teenagers text, network and twitter online as second nature, but when emails or texts are used to threaten, harass, intimidate or embarrass someone, they can turn from being a source...

Image for Bullying and ASD :


Bullying and ASD :

"Focuses on the tools needed to help children with autism combat bullying. Sadly, bullying has reached epidemic proportions in our schools, causing students both physical and psychological harm....

Image for Boyfriends & girlfriends :


Boyfriends & girlfriends :

"Boyfriends & Girlfriends is for parents and professionals caring for adolescents and young adults with Down syndrome or other intellectual disabilities. It provides an entryway to discuss the...

Image for Bobby and Mandee's too smart for bullies /


Bobby and Mandee's too smart for bullies /

Bullies, Beware! This little book is going to have a big impact! In this moral-driven story, Mandee tells big brother Bobby how a bully took all her money. Bobby stresses that she needs adult help,...

Image for Be bully free :


Be bully free :

"Seeking to empower children who are bullied, this book presents a wide range of common bullying scenarios, before giving practical suggestions on how the recipient can take control in these...

Image for Autism, bullying and me :


Autism, bullying and me :

"It's not always easy to stand out from the crowd, especially if you're a teenager. There's a lot of information out there on how to deal with bullying, but a lot of it is contradictory or seems...

Image for Asperger syndrome and bullying :


Asperger syndrome and bullying :

Combines personal life experiences of the author and others. Describes the negative effect bullying has on its victims. Outlines the reasons for bullying and the danger of persistent recurrence if...

Image for Ask first, monkey! :


Ask first, monkey! :

"Meet Monkey. Tickletastic Monkey. He's the best tickler in the world, ever; even his mum says so. And there's nothing he loves more than tickling ALL his friends at playtime! But what happens if...

Image for An exceptional children's guide to touch :


An exceptional children's guide to touch :

"The rules of physical contact can be tricky to grasp, especially for children with special needs who are at a heightened risk of abuse. This delightfully illustrated and friendly picture book...

Online Resources

Image for Siblings of children with disability: how to...

Online Resource

Siblings of children with disability: how to...

Key points: You can support siblings of children with disability by talking, spending time and problem-solving together. When children understand their sibling’s disability, it can help them...

Image for He Whakaaro :

Online Resource

He Whakaaro :

This report presents a summary of current knowledge regarding discrimination of students in New Zealand schools. It combines previously published research with new analysis undertaken using data...

Image for He Whakaaro :

Online Resource

He Whakaaro :

This paper summarises what we know about bullying in the education system. Bullying has widespread implications not only for the students exposed to it (those who are bullied, those doing the...

Image for Growing up with a sibling with a disability

Online Resource

Growing up with a sibling with a disability

Looks at how being a sibling of someone with a disability can affect a child and suggests ways parents can help.

Image for Bullying-Free NZ :

Online Resource

Bullying-Free NZ :

Bullying-Free NZ is an initiative from the Bullying Prevention Advisory Group (BPAG). BPAG is made up of 17 agencies, who collaborate and are committed to reducing bullying in New Zealand schools....

Image for 7 steps for whānau

Online Resource

7 steps for whānau

"Netsafe is New Zealand's independent, non-profit online safety charity. Taking a technology-positive approach to the challenges digital technology presents, we work to help people in New Zealand...

Image for 5 things only siblings of a disabled person...

Online Resource

5 things only siblings of a disabled person...

Having a brother or sister can be amazing and frustrating in equal measure. But what's it like if you have a disabled sibling? Do you have an even more special bond? Are there unspoken truths that...

Image for "How bad should it be before I tell someone?" -...

Online Resource

"How bad should it be before I tell someone?" -...

This research explores how people with intellectual disability use the internet and how they experience and deal with online abuse. It also identifies gaps in the support and resources that are...

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